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by the president. trying to fix obama care, announcing a big change while taking the blame over and over. >> we did fumble the ball on it. i'm the head of this team. that's on me. >>> thinking fast. caught on camera. two homes collapse into a giant sink hole. families forced to clear out as the hole grows wider. >>> and real money. do you have thousands of dollars just lying around your home? >> are you totally surprised right now? >> yeah. >> that's a lot of money. >> we turn one family's clutter into a lot of cash tonight. >>> and a good evening to you on this thursday night as we begin with a moment in the obama presidency unlike any we have seen before. the commander in chief under fire, trying to quiet the fury surrounding his signature achievement, obama care, today announcing a change in the rules, but the measure of what this means for his leadership can be seen in his face. take a look at these pictures from three and a half years ago, the joy, the confidence as he signed obama care into law, and here was his face today as he told the nation he fumbled the ball in a big game. our team is s
claves hoy de costa a costa continuaron esfuerzos por impulsarla. >> en washington el presidente obama se reuniÓ con grupos religiosos, la batalla tambiÉn fue llevada a redes sociales con el llamado dÍa de acciÓn digital. >> estÁn mandando twitter a sus congresista diciendo es el momento de tomar acciÓn. >> en el comitÉ jurÍdico el congresista luÍs gutiÉrrez retÓ a republicanos. >> dÓnde se van a ir, resuelvan o nunca volverÁn a la mayorÍa. >> mÁs y mas se habla de la consideraciÓn de alguna propuesta de reforma migratoria para el 2014 a pesar de las dificultades de abordar temas como este en un aÑo de elecciones. >> en los Ángeles, carlos botifoll telemundo. >> (♪). >> si quiere ver intercambio completo entre el presidente de la cÁmara baja john b con las jÓvenes vaya a telemundo punt diagon >> y bien hoy el gobierno reveÓo cuÁntas personas han inscrito en el plan de salud una cifra que estÁ muy por debajo de lo que se esperaba. >> tanto demÓcratas como republicanos estÁn pidiendo al presidente obama que cumpla con suspi promesas c
imposed deadline for the obama administration to get health on track. have they succeeded? jeff zeleny now with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: it's deadline day for fixing that troubled health care web site. the obama administration is scrambling tonight to make good on the president's promise. that people could sign up for insurance by the end of the month. earlier this week in california, he sounded cautiously optimistic. >> look, the rollout of new health care marketplace was rough. and by the way, the web site's continually working better so check it out. >> reporter: one person not laughing is dan howard, who's hit one brick wall after another trying to sign up. we checked back with him today from his home near pittsburgh still no luck. the web site is working faster, he says, but his name can't be verified. what is your frustration level on a scale of 1 to 10 about this entire system? >> my scale of frustration is very high, at a 10. i don't see it as just a web site problem. >> reporter: the white house acknowledges everything won't be fixed but will be mor
on obama care. worse than thought. and the woman who became the face of obama care is saying tonight she's been living a nightmare. >>> lie detectors, a major blow to the people who run airport security tonight accused of wasting $1 billion trying to detect suspicious behavior. >>> real money, the hunt is on for leaks in your family budget. we saved this family $700 on a heating bill in just one hour and show you how you can do it, too. >>> good evening to you on this wednesday night as we lead with a moment of truth for president obama and that troubled health care website. we knew about the glitches and the apology from the president, but today we learned a stark number, how few americans actually signed up on that federal site, fewer than you can fit in yankee stadium. this as we finally meet the woman whose face was on the home page. she is saying don't blame her. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl starts us off. >> reporter: during the first month just 26,000 people were able to select health insurance through the federal website or over the phone, a stunningly low
are deepening and the blood could be spreading. >>> back here at home tonight and to the toll on president obama in the wake of the troubled obama care website. that "saturday night live" kit joking the president might need an anti depressant because of plummeting polls. tonight the poll part is increasingly becoming reality. his approval ratings at an all-time low. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with a brand new abc news poll. these are numbers the president has been insulated, his personal traits? >> reporter: clearly the obama care troubles are the biggest factor here but we are seeing something different. for the first time in our poll the majority say they have an unfavorable view of obama personally. take a look at this. on the question of whether he was a strong leader, the majority say no. we have never seen that before. asked if obama was honest and trustworthy, again, for the first time the majority say no. we have never seen such negative reviews of obama's personal attributes. that may be the most troubling thing as the president faces that race against time that
balloons. >>> white house warning, another beg setback for the obama care website tonight and the worry about what could happen this weekend. >>> recipe for disaster, thanksgiving dinner and the biggest cause of house fires over the holiday. >>> america strong, the superstar chef who traded his luxury restaurant for a soup kitchen. >>> good evening. diane is off tonight. 43 million americans are on the move. across the country the long thanksgiving weekend got off to a hectic start, weather forcing more than 200 flight cancellations today because of snow, ice and wind. in north carolina a tornado blew the roof off this condominium, snapped trees and downed power lines. look at the map tonight, most of the trouble in the northeast, parts of the country bracing for more cold and wind on the way. our extreme weather team is tracking it all and we begin with abc's meteorologist ginger zee. good evening, ginger. >> reporter: good evening, george. who doesn't love a nice, cold rain to kick off the holiday. behind me you can see the balloons that will go up tomorrow that we will be talking abo
hours straight against obama care. republicans are now blocking dozens of president obama's nominees. but today in a controversial and historic move, referred to as the nuclear option, democrats changed the rules, ending the filibuster when it comes to most presidential nominees. minutes later they moved forward on one obama nominee who had been blocked for almost six months. >> a simple majority vote no longer seems to be sufficient for anything that enough is enough. >> reporter: but republicans called it a naked power grab. >> we are approaching a slippery slope that will destroy the very unique aspect of this institution called the united states senate. >> reporter: republicans tried but failed to do away with the filibuster back when george w. bush was president. then a freshman senator named barack obama opposed the move. he said it would only make bitter parson divisions even worse. diane, he is about to find out if he was right. >> jonathan karl on the big news today. >>> we have other important news out of washington tonight about american forces in afghanistan and what will
correspondent jonathan karl tells us. >> reporter: today an embattled president obama met with insurance company ceos who are unhappy with his latest effort to fix obama care. many consumers are simply confused. suzie and jim fenelli of silver springs, maryland watched the president once again promise to help them, but right now the only thing they are sure of is they got a letter cancelling their health insurance. >> right now i'm promised a lot of things, and the only thing i got in my hand is this, and i have to figure it out. >> reporter: in an effort to repair his broken promise that nobody would lose insurance they like, the president said he'd change the rules, allowing people to buy old, preobama care policies for one more year. but what about the fine print? each state must approve the president's plan, and already some are saying no. case in point, washington state insurance commissioner, a democrat, says it would destabilize the state's entire insurance market. that left bill fullner totally out of luck, he got a cancellation notice. >> your new plan has more benefits and a different
, a majority of american voters, 52 percent in a new poll say president obama is not honest and trustworthy. one factor, the people who felt misled about getting to keep their insurance under obama care. now former president clinton is adding salt to the stumble. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: today bill clinton said what president obama's harshest critics have been saying. that he may need to the change the health care law to help the millions of people who have seen their insurance cancelled, despite the president's promise that would not happen. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> reporter: the president himself apologized to those who have lost coverage but the white house has opposed efforts to change the law. later this week the administration will finally tell us how many people have managed to enroll in new health coverage despite the problems with the website. >> is there any number that would be so low that you would say alarm bel
at >>> we move to washington and a brand new test for obama care. after that troubled launch of the website and a fierce backlash from american families, word today that the supreme court will consider a challenge from employers who say the law's requirement that health insurance cover contraception is a blow to their religious liberty. here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: hobby lobby plays christian music in its stores and sells some religious-oriented gifts, but mostly it's an arts and crafts shop. the owners say its business model that includes being closed on sunday promotes a christian life-style, and full birth control coverage mandated by obama care does not. >> we do everything we possibly can to be help to our employees of how they can structure their life based on biblical principles. >> reporter: the owners of hobby lobby don't want to provide health insurance that pays for post-conception birth control for its 25,000 employees, telling the supreme court, the so-called contraception mandate violates their religion. >> my convictions en
flying at half staff on the order of president obama, who declared this an official day of remembrance of the fallen president, who summoned a nation to greatness, and our own barbara walters sat down with president obama on this anniversary. >> when we talk about the assassination of jfk, are you ever worried about your own safety? >> it's not something i think about. mainly, because we have a secret service that does such an outstanding job every single day. and obviously, you know, tragedy reshaped the secret service in many ways. but they do an outstanding job. and thankfully it's not something i spend a lot of time worrying about. >> mr. president, today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy. you visited his grave this week. what were your thoughts? >> well, when you think about the legacy of the kennedy family, obviously, it has been part of all of modern american history. and it's been an incredible legacy, jfk in particular i think captured the idealism, the ability to imagine and remake america to meet its ideals in a way we haven't seen before or s
celebrating with a traditional turkey dinner. president obama did sneak away for a little while phoning service men and women, the whole family marking the holiday overnight, giving out bags of food to families in need at the capital. >>> an exclusive tonight t the president and first lady telling barbara walters who they're thinking of on this thanksgiving. >> mr. president, do you have a thanksgiving message? >> there are a lot of people out there who work hard every day, do right by their family, but are still working through some of their ravages of that big recession that we had. my message to them is know that every day i'm going to be working as hard as i can on your behalf. >> i want americans to remember that even as we draw down our troops we still have men and women serving abroad. i just want america to keep those people close to their hearts and to serve them as well as they have served us. >> the president and first lady on this thanksgiving and tomorrow night here on a special edition of "20/20," barbara walters asking the president about the rough rollout of obama care a
presidente tiene que ser mÁs transparente en ahablhabl b obama care. >>> el pdte de la caÁmara baja dijo que apoyarÍa el wesfuerzo a para prohibir las cancelacions,s pese a que la pagÁgina sigue a lenta, a fines de mes el probl m problema se veria aclarado. >>> >>>204 mil nuevos empleos aÑa i aÑaodisodos mÁs de lo que se r esperaba, sin embargo la tasa de edesempo aumento , incluye a e empleados gubernamentales, en ini hispanos aumento en una decima. >>> >>>minuto de silencio en aero aeropuertos del iapis pais po r gerardo hernaÁndez aessiisesinae una semana en el aeropuerot de l los angeles, el oficial era sa salvadoreÑo, y fue tiroteado >>>escuelas publicas de chicago requeriran que los voluntarios se tomen huellas dactilares, r para garantizar la seguridad de los alumnos, antes se revisaban los antecedentes y los convictos nada mÁs se les pedi laa las l huellas, esto se teme pueda t tener un impacto negativo >>>el sÚper tifon, uno de los i ciclones mÁs grandes de la his o historia esta tocando fiertierr filipinas >>>rafaÁfagas de 190 millas p r hora, sus nubes c
promover su obama care, n funcionarios de gobierno admiten que el numero de personas reg t registradas es muy bajo.
, a o los potenciales voyaantes latins en washington telemundo . >>> el presidente barack obama , dijo hoy que el empresariado e estadounidense , quiere que se apruebe una rforma migratoria y le dijo a la cÁmara baja antes que termine , en la casa blanca pod podrÍa con libres emprsariales y aseguradoras , . >>> lo vamos a invesgar ♪ ♪ [ locutor ] dicen que sobre el bn gusto, no hay nada escrito. ♪ pero si es fácil reconocerlo. ♪ chrysler 200. importado desde detroit, lciad qusabe recompensar el esfuerzo. (mÚsica) . >> hay un nuyeevo capitulo en el accidente de jenny rivera los m amanda ramÍrezra familiare seÑor diego fonticoda , una p;eeticiÓn sol solicitsolic solicitando que estÁ demandante,andendante sea descartad po que el caso debe r juzgado en mÉxico , y jnjenny rivera es la compaÑÍa de la f l fallecida cantante se unio di e diciendi diciendo que el caso se debe s resolver en los angeles si pr e procede en una proÓxima audienca el 14 de noviemb . >>> un joven mexicano uriÓ a manos de un policÍa al parecer e el ama se disparo segÚn el por accidente c
and putting president obama at number two, his rise in part due to the handling of snowden. tonight those reports that snowden is now employed again. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the case again tonight. >> reporter: in looking for a job with a moscow internet company ed snowden didn't have any references from his last employer, the u.s. intelligence community. he remains perhaps america's most wanted fugitive as he acknowledged. >> she'll stop at nothing to persecute someone who told the truth. >> reporter: while congress is considering changing laws because of snowden, u.s. officials testified he is nothing but a traitor. >> if you are asking me, absolutely. >> reporter: much of the outrage has to do with the embarrass the of the u.s. in spying on german chancellor angela merkel and the leaders of 34 countries. >> we have to repair the damage, otherwise it's going to spin out of control. >> reporter: the parliament scheduled a special session to discuss it and there are discussed he might be given asylum to go to berlin to testify in his first public forum. >> th
of a new week bringing new trouble for the president and obama care. it's about what the president said and what he knew and when. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has exclusive documents and he went toe to toe with these new questions for the white house. >> reporter: as the health care website melted down, the president told people there were other options working just fine. >> you can bypass the website and apply by phone or in person. >> reporter: a quick call. >> i want to repeat that. 1-800-318-2596. >> reporter: and voila. >> it usually takes about 25 minutes for an individual to apply for coverage. >> reporter: but ten days before the president said those words his own health care team knew that all applications were having the same problems. as one internal memo from the administration's health care war room obtained by abc news reads, "the same portal is used to determine eligibility no matter how the application is submitted. at the end of the day we are all stuck in the same queue." did the president not know that everything needs to go through the same br
weeks of that campaign he talked about nothing but obama care, really closed the gap right there. that has a lot of democrats anxious. >> george stephanopoulos weighing in on yesterday's results. thank you, george. >>> the verdict is also in on ballot initiatives we told you about last night in houston, the iconic 48-year-old astrodome will probably be demolished. voters decided not to repair and save it. >>> in colorado voters said it's time to tax legal marijuana, a big tax, 25 percent, and much of that will be used to help build new schools. >>> we move on now to a headline about something that touches millions of american families, the confounding mystery that is autism. we know eye contact can be a indicator of risk in young children. now researchers at emory university say it's possible newborns can send a settle warning that they might have trouble ahead. abc's chief medical director dr. richard besser explains. >> reporter: children with autism don't read emotions or faces well. how could a baby tell you that? watch where the baby's eyes go. that's the key to today's auti
sending those lightning fast messages. the most retweeted message ever? from president obama moments before he came on stage the night he won re-election, that image, a hug from the first lady, more than 810,000 people retweeting it. much of twitter also celebrity driven. the first member to hit 1 million followers, ashton kutcher. it all began with that first message, "dropping my first tweet." remember tom hanks in "castaway?" >> hello, anybody? >> reporter: isolated from the world then and in real life his first tweet, not that different. "testing, testing, is this thing on?" tonight it's the average american investor asking the question, will it help your retirement portfolio. if you bought ten shares of apple when it went public in 1980, your $220 would be worth $41,000 today. ten shares of amazon when it went public? $180 worth $41,000 today. there was groupon, those online deals and coupons. ten shares at $200 when it went public worth $95 today. >> it definitely is a gamble. nobody is going to be making money if they buy twitter today the next day. this is going to be a long-
obama and president clinton, former secretary of state hillary clinton laying a wreath at kennedy's grave in the shadow of the eternal flame in silent reflection as taps rang out. ♪ >> as the moving scene was under way at arlington national cemetery, david muir was in ohio gaining entry to a somber setting, the plane that carried kennedy to dallas 50 years ago. then after those shots rang out, became a kind of monument to a stunned and changed nation. david muir is here now. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening from what they call kennedy's air force one. this is the plane that carried the president and the first lady. right here behind me is the doorway the president walked through one final time on that day in dallas, waving to the thousands who were gathered there to see him. as you point out tonight, we take you inside. >> reporter: president kennedy and the first lady emerging from air force one at love field november 22, 1963. thousands waiting. so many holding signs, welcome jack. we love you, jackie. and looming over them in nearly every image, the presidential jet th
east as many blast the move. on the west coast today president obama fought back. >> we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our security. it is not the right thing for our security. >>> from iran we head to north korea where tonight a korean war veteran from california is being held against his will. the big question, why would the regime detain an 85-year-old grandfather on a nostalgic tour. tonight his family is speaking out. they want to know how he is, whether he's getting the heart medication he needs and they are pleading to have him home for thanksgiving. abc's bob woodruff has their story. >> reporter: it's been 30 days since lee newman last heard from merrill newman, her husband of 56 years. now she is breaking her silence. >> we just hope whatever that misunderstanding is will be resolved very quickly and that he can return and be at our table for the holidays. >> reporter: the newman family's big qu
sprint. visita el presidente obama rindiÓ tributo a los veteranos en su dÍa en el cementerio de virginia. >> lÍderÓ el evento en conmemoraciÓn a combatientes de guerra, asegurÓ que el coraje, sacrificio y devociÓn de militares es un digno ejemplo de carÁcter estadounidense, invitÓ a todos a quiÉn portado uniforme para defender a este paÍs. >> el 11 de noviembre firmado entre aliados y el im piesh alemÁn le puso el fin a la guerra mundial. >> isolda peguero hablÓ con un grupo de veteranos y activistas que estÁn enfrascados en una guerra muy diferente. >> se congregaron por una causa en comÚn, decirle al congreso que mejor tributo a veteranos es aprobar una reforma migratoria que saque de las sombras a familias de soldados que no son ciudadanos. >> los veteranos hacen el sacrificio mÁs grande que hay, dan su vida por su paÍs, por sus ideales, las familias deben ser h uni unidas. >> como inmigrante puede ser deportado y la familia estÁ en caos. >> y que se ponga en el zapato de cada uno de nosotros los sacrificios que nosotros tenemos que enfrentar par
el 2016. >>> en washington, lori monteneg montenegro, para telemundo. >>> el presidente barack obama hoy pidiÓ disculpas por los problemas con la implemento de la reforma de salud en una entrevista exclusiva con nuestra cadena hermana nbc el presidente por primera vez se refiriÓ directamente a las millones de personas que han visto canceladas aseguraciÓn de mÉdico por no calificar bajo ab objeta Ábamos quer y de la promesa que eso no iba a ocurrir. >>> yo me arrepiento mucho de lo que que intentamos hacer que fue asegurarnos de que todos los que estÉn cambiando a mejores plane. >>> porque lo deseen asÍ en vez de que sean obligados a hacerlo que no fuimos claros como debimos hacerlo en tÉrminos de cambios que estÁn pasando. yo lamento aquellos se encuentren en esta situaciÓn en base de garantÍas que obtuvieron de mÍ, debemos trabajar duro para asegurar que sepan que los estamos escuchando, y que vamos hacer todo lo posible para ayudar a personas que se encuentran en posiciones difÍciles como consecuencia de esto. >>> el presidente asegura que la pÁgina en inglÉs de la r
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)